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In 2018, our websites welcomed 10.000.000 visitors!
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Year by year the number of our customers increases!

Your trust in us, urges us, forces us, to evolve and become better!

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The services we provide must match the money you pay us as well as exceed your expectations.
We always keep our promises!

For many years now, we assist you in your own language! Our staff, our valued associates, a team with many years of experience in ferry travel and reservations, replies to your emails in your own language at mother tongue level. (English, German, Italian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Turkish and Greek.)

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Our members are over 300.000 and counting!

7th consecutive year, Νr 1 Partner of Minoan Lines !

We thank you all!

We would like to thank all our members and our esteemed clients, -everyone who contributed with their unwavering trust in our services- and helped us reach the point where “Greekferries Club sa” has been awarded for the 7th consecutive year by Minoan Lines
as their:

«Top Sales Associate for
individual passenger and vehicle ticket sales
on the company’s international lines»

20 Years continuous Cooperation (1994-2014)
with Superfast Ferries and Blue Star Ferries!

From 1994 and for almost 15 years our company Greekferries Club, cooperated as a premium sales agent (central agent) of Superfast Ferries and Blue Star Ferries
in Crete. We continue our excellent cooperation to this day with the company’s new joint venture with Anek Lines.

Milestones. Greekferries Club offers unique services !

Finally ... we did it! Despite the economic crisis in Greece our company "Eco World SA – Greekferries Club" succeeded to...beat the bureaucracy in our country after long persistent efforts. We got licensed and installed solar panels in our building's roof. Enough to produce the energy we consume from the sun.
See more at https://greekferries-club.gr/company/ecology/.


One-day excursion cruises throughout Greece. The planning of a new service has begun and we hope it will be available for everyone soon. Our aim is to help enrich your holiday with experiences, adventures, fishing, swimming and adding fantastic photos to your photo album. You will travel to unique destinations and virgin beaches that you cannot see when traveling by car.
All this here: www.greek-cruises.gr. When it is ready.


Our clients now have access to their booking and travel details wherever they are. With our new service MY RESERVATION they can view, print our or email their booking confirmation whenever they need.


Our company Greekferries Club has built its privately owned office building (approx 1000sq.m) Unfotunately, our offices are no longer large enough to accommodate all the associates we need to support our growing clientele and all our services. Instead of expanding our office spaces, we decided to create Affiliate Partnerships. We offer a rewarding commission-based cooperation scheme to anyone connected to travel and tourism in Greece and is interested in working with us.
Learn more here: www.greece-unlimited.com


We extend our services, booking and issuing ferry tickets, both outside Greece and to the Greek islands. We now operate throughout the whole Mediterranean.
See more at our site: ferries-booking.com.


We extended our ferry booking services to the entire Mediterranean! Our members and clients can now travel with us to Spain, Morocco, Tunis, France, Italy etc. Through our new website
ferries-booking.com. One more service for schedules, availability and online ferry reservations!


Complete online services for your travel by ferry. Availability and ticket prices for all international and domestic ferry routes, with all ferry companies. Instant information in real time!

2011 FROM 12 to 6 HOURS!

We succeeded to reduce our average response time from 12 hours in 2008 to only 6 hours!
Today our average response time is only 3 working hours!

2010 BONUS per MILE

A brand NEW Member Loyalty Reward Programme by Greekferries Club! Our Bonus per Mile members collect ‘nautical miles’ every time they book with us and these miles convert into bonuses and money. Learn more here: www.bonuspermile.gr


Passengers that travelled by ferry to Greece and the Greek islands comment and rate the services
and facilities of the ferry companies they used.


When arriving in our websites, visitors can find all the information they need for their trip from
our compare rates system. By specifying their travel dates and routes they can see all departures,
by all ferry companies, including schedules and prices per ferry and ferry company. All at a glance!
We created an automatic price comparison engine for your ferry reservations!

Privacy & Cookies Policy

The security and privacy of your personal data is a top priority for us at Ecoworld Sa. This Privacy Policy applies to all the domains that are managed entirely by Ecoworld Sa, referred to from here on as “our websites”. By using our websites you agree to the terms of this policy.
The websites are owned by Ecoworld Sa (VAT EL094316240), headquartered at 33 Kounavon Str, 71304 Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Our company is active in the travel industry and specializes in the sale of ferry tickets and other travel services.


Our Privacy and Cookies Policy explains what personal information we collect, how we collect it, how it is used and who we share it with. This Privacy & Cookie Policy was reviewed and posted on 19/03/2019. Any modifications to our Privacy Policy will be published here with immediate effect.

When making a reservation through our websites, joining our Customer Reward Program “Bonus per Mile” or our Affiliate Network “Greece-Unlimited”, you enter a contractual relationship with us and consent to provide the personal information required explicitly for the requested service. Under no circumstances is the personal information you provide used for purposes other than those described below.


You can navigate through most of our pages without having to provide any personal information, but if you wish to buy ferry tickets, join the Bonus per Mile program or the Greece-Unlimited Affiliate Network, certain personal information is required in each case in order to complete your booking and/or personal account with us. More precisely:

- When booking ferry tickets or other travel services, we will ask for your full name, date of birth, nationality, place of birth, gender, identity card or passport number, license plate of vehicle/s, email address and telephone number. An address is requested if you choose ticket delivery by post/courier. Contact details such as email address, telephone and mobile number are requested in order to provide quality services throughout your travel experience. Our staff will use this information to send you all necessary travel related information, such as confirmation of booking, instructions on ticket collection and boarding, confirmation of ticket delivery, information about changes and/or cancellations made to your booking, to provide alternative solutions as well as answer any questions you may have. We will never share your personal information with unauthorized users.

- When paying by credit card: you will be requested to provide the card type, number, expiration date, CVV2 and the name of the card holder. Upon completion of a purchase through one of our websites, your credit card details are automatically encrypted and sent directly to the affiliated credit institution without being stored in our databases. When you complete an order through our Reservations’ Department, you are provided with a secure link for the transfer of your credit card details and all details are then encrypted during their transfer through high security software used by our company. These details are kept encrypted and are automatically deleted after the payment.

- When creating your Bonus per Mile account, we require your full name, an email address, a password, postal address and a telephone number. This information is stored in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

- When creating your Greece-Unlimited account, whether you are a natural person or company, we require the full name, email and postal address as well as telephone and mobile numbers for the contact person in charge of the account. You bank account details are also necessary for the payment of commissions earned through our cooperation.

- When registering to receive our newsletter, you provide your email address, name and surname, enabling us to contact you. Our newsletters are seldom and focus on the beginning of the booking season, special offers, other travel opportunities provided by us or our partners as well as a customized survey for the purpose of rating your recent travel experience. You can use the unsubscribe feature at any time to stop receiving our newsletters.

- When you contact our office or our customer service staff, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name or email address so that we can assist you with your request. In addition, your call may be recorded.

- For internal operations and analysis, We can use your personal information for purposes of internal management, analysis, and quality assurance, including fraud prevention. In addition to using the information you provide us to process, verify, and fulfill requests for your trip or other services you have requested from us, we may use this data for administrative and data analysis purposes through customer relationship management systems (CRM), accounting, billing and control systems.

- When visiting our websites: In addition to the information you give us voluntarily, certain information is collected automatically when you visit our website through data-detection technologies we use in certain cases, such as cookies. Cookies collect information from your computer, including technical information such as your Internet Protocol (IP), your operating system, your browser type and version, your referral site every time you visit our website. If you are a wireless network user and access the Internet through your mobile phone or other devices, you need to contact your provider to find out if they collect your personal information.


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What are Cookies
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How we use Cookies
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Our websites use the following types of cookies:

1. Essentials cookies: These cookies are vital for our website to function correctly during your session. It allows us to remember selections and data entered such as routes, travel dates, number or passenger etc.

2. Performance and Analytics Cookies (third party):
Performance cookies are used ensure the websites perform as they should eg. the results correspond to your search criteria, and also to enhance the user experience by recognising whether you are a returning visitor and remembering some of your preferences, such as language settings, previous search criteria etc.
Analytics cookies - We are always looking for ways to optimise the navigation and booking process through our websites. We receive valuable feedback from Analytics Cookies which allow us to see and track anonymous data, user behaviour and patterns such as click trends. This helps us see if our websites function smoothly and consistently or how and where we need to make adjustments in order to heighten your experience.

By using this website, you agree to this policy and consent to the processing of the personal data collected by Google for the purposes and in the manner described above. If you do want Google to collect data from your navigation when visiting our websites, you can be excluded from Google Analytics by visiting this page.

3. Functional Cookies: Functional cookies store user selections and settings for the purpose of providing a more functional and personalised browsing session.


We do not share your personal data with third parties, unless this is necessary to complete your order and/or provide you with the requested service. Such third parties may be ferry companies or other travel service providers, commercial credit card services, reservation systems and other global distribution systems and with whom we have signed additional data protection contracts. We share the minimum of the information required in each case. Your contact information is never disclosed (all your communication is with and through our company), unless we have your explicit consent to share information with a specific third party (for example in the case we settle a monetary compensation for you and the bank transfer must be made directly from the ferry company to your bank account).

While personal information is not collected from our website visitors, we do monitor users' navigation in order to understand the needs of our customers and better serve them in the future. We share the information you give us only in the ways described in this Privacy Policy.

We may disclose your personal information to third parties such as our official agents and our specialized consultants if we consider it necessary to (i) comply with relevant laws, regulations and legislations; (ii) enforce our terms of use for our customers or other contractual agreements; (iii) protect the property and rights of ECOWORLD SA as well as its subsidiaries, customers and others (for example, from any fraudulent actions). If we suspect fraudulent actions, personal information may also be shared with law enforcement authorities.


For the safe processing of personal data, we use appropriate technical systems and organizational procedures to protect information. These include:

  • Physical security and access protection to all areas of our company where data is stored.
  • Every access to software and hardware is done via password from authorized persons and we have up-to-date firewall and antivirus systems. Also the process of storing information is encrypted.
  • Continuous updating and training of our staff with regard to the safe processing of data.
  • There are security cameras to monitor our records.
  • We use secure protocols with encryption of information when making payments. Payment information is deleted within a reasonable time after the reservation has been completed.
  • We take all necessary measures to ensure that the data we pass on to third parties for the operational needs of our company is minimal.


We store your information, which may include personal data, as long as we are compelled to comply by national and union regulations. Also, for as long as we deem necessary, in order to provide you with our services, comply with the applicable law, resolve disputes with different parties and for whatever else is needed for the purposes of our business, including tracking and preventing fraud or other illegal activities. All personal data we hold is subject to this Privacy Policy. If you have questions about a specific retention period for certain types of personal data, please contact us at this email: privacypolicy@greekferries-club.gr


As a Data Subject you have the right at any time to access, modify or delete your personal data processed by our Company. Any request regarding the access, change and/or cancellation of your personal data processed by our company, should be sent to us at this email: privacypolicy@greekferries-club.gr


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