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Ios is well-known for the youthful way of nightlife. Day and night, the capital of the island becomes the center of entertainment for new tourists from all over the world. Ios is an island like all the other Cycladic islands, with its beaches and characteristic, picturesque scenery, but the main feature of the island is its nightlife. Ios has other faces too though.

Ios is one of the most famous islands for water sports in the Cyclades. Like Paros or Mykonos, so does Ios offer a variety of activities. Windsurf fans will enjoy strong winds and big waves. Diving enthusiasts will enjoy the professional services offered by the island.

The sights of Ios are plenty, but the main destinations are the crowded bars and numerous beaches. The beaches of Ios belong to the best places to swim in Greece. Ormos and Mylopotas are the largest and most popular beaches and are just a few kilometers from Chora, the capital of the island.

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