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Born from the volcano eruptions, this exotic island of the Cyclades is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea and has the most beautiful rock formations in the Cyclades. The beaches of the island are as impressive and representative as Milos' image.

The beaches of the island are all very beautiful, each with its own color palette and its own unique features. Some of the most recognizable are Sarakiniko, Kleftiko and Tsigrado.

Sarakiniko is known for its white rocks that resemble a lunar landscape. Kleftiko is not a classic beach but a place with very deep waters ideal for diving. Its main feature is the steeply high rocks, the sea caves and its green waters. Tsigrado has the whitest sand and its emerald waters are "embraced" by the surrounding rocks.

Milos provides the visitor with a multitude of activities and will enchant them with its cultural value, which is made up of numerous monasteries and small museums. It is worth visiting the island's market where you will find products inspired by the local beauty and heritage of the place.

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