Ferries-Booking Free App
for iPhone!

The new way to make your booking wherever you are!

Ferries-Booking App

Ferries-Booking is a free app that delivers real time quotes and information
for Mediterranean ferry schedules allowing iPhone users to finalize their ferry
reservation request within a few simple steps.

iPhone app features:

  • Updated information about sailing, timetables, availability and prices at all times.
  • Clean Interface that guides users throughout the reservation process
    in order to provide all necessary info and reach a correct pricing.
  • Grouped for simplicity into Western Mediterranean Routes, Adriatic Sea Routes
    and Greek islands Routes.
  • Based on user's travel dates and destination, the app shows all available ferry
    providers and lists departure and arrival times as well as indicative prices
    per provider for user to choose the most suitable solution.
  • Possibility to include more than one ferry company per request.
  • Price breakdown per passenger and route based on selected accommodation
    and travel period.
  • Multiple ticket collection and delivery methods provided.
  • Option to contact Ferries-Booking.com staff by email or phone for clarifications
    without having to start process from the beginning.
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